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The blue eyes of Eve Beauregard can steal your heart, but her purple hair and purple latex dress will own your soul.

Pierced nose, inked body and red hair. Can it get any better? Yes, it can: hot and tight blue latex mini-dress!

An elegant Lady in black wetlook mini-dress must never forget to put on black fishnet stockings, too.

When Jenna Coleman wears red latex catsuit and red latex gloves, they go amazing with red high heels, don't they?

I do not know if those heels were made for walking, but this blonde's body was certainly made for wearing latex.

When the redhead Emily Marilyn wants to look astonishing, she wears black latex mini-dress.

They say a simple look from a hot brunette in gray latex catsuit and black ballet boots is enough to make you fall in love. Could it be true?

If sexy blondes with smoking hot body is what makes you click, then take a look at this hottie in red leather jacket!

Beauty must be immortalized - Sister Sinister in white latex dress

I do not know about you, but I feel protected when I know this babe in khaki latex military uniform is around. :)

Pin-up hottie with brunette hair, in red latex outfit. So damn sexy!

The amazing blue latex catsuit of the even more amazing blonde, Susan Wayland!

I am the blonde Mistress who shall get any slave for ever addicted to My nylons.

A Mistress holding a riding crop is one who knows how to make Her slaves tremble before Her.

When you are a sexy slave in black latex stockings and you touch yourself without permission, your arms will be encased for a very long time.

Is that your definition of shiny latex butt? :)

It is hard to match the level of sexiness of Amy Grey, when she wears red latex mini-dress.

If you wonder if purple latex catsuits look great on brunettes, this will answer your question for sure.

How hot is a butt in pink latex catsuit?

There is beauty from every angle you look, as long as you wear latex.

Mystery and danger shall be expected when you are around a Mistress such as Myself.

Not many Asian brunettes look as gorgeous as Jade Vixen in black latex dress.

When you are that hot, of course you are going to wear that lovely tight black latex body suit.

I don't know what's sexier: her orange hair or her translucent brown latex top - Ulorin Vex

The beauty of the sky above pails in comparison with the beauty of Sister Sinister in black latex catsuit.

There seems to be a free seat next to this elegant Lady in red latex mini-dress, in case your feet get tired. :)

Perfect outfit for the morning walk - Valerie Tramell in black latex catsuit and black ballet boots

I like it when a gorgeous redhead with tattoos shows off her black PVC corset.

The sexy curly blonde Kelly Brook shines so nicely in blue latex mini-dress.

A redhead Mistress in purple latex dress makes sure Her black leather hooded slave knows how mean a redhead can be.

We can all see the big 'advantages' of wearing a sexy purple latex mini-dress - Jordan Carver

Catching a glimpse of a sexy body through a translucent olive latex dress - Katerina Piglet

This is how you make magnificent beauty out of black latex.

Say hello to My whip, your new educator in discipline, which shall teach you how to serve your Mistress properly!

Am I wrong to assume that after seeing Imelda May in this wonderful red latex dress, you will become her fan? :)

A redhead with blue eyes, in black PVC dress and nylon stockings. I find this very hot!

When you see the gorgeous Susan Wayland in red latex, you realize you are speechless.

A shiny latex ass like that says it all. :)

It must be delightful to receive orders from a dominant Lady in black latex military uniform.

I like how those sexy red high heels are in perfect harmony with Jade VIxen's body in red latex.

Charm and authority, mixed in a redhead Mistress in black latex.

When other girls are nearby the sexy brunette Sister Sinister in light blue latex mini-dress, they pale by comparison.

I am the Mistress who shines brighter than the morning star, and who makes your hopes darker than your most tormenting dreams.

Red riding hood cosplay, in a sexy red latex way.

This is how you show off your sexy black latex outfit and your hot PVC boots - Amy Grey

A beautiful silhouette and a gorgeous body in white latex mini-dress, black latex stockings and black latex gloves - Sister Sinister

A Gothic brunette in a black latex catsuit is always the icing on the cake.

I am the type of Mistress who loves to humiliate My slaves in more ways than one can possibly think of.

This is the right way to look elegant in tight white latex leggings and sexy black high heels.

Menacing, dangerous and beautiful in black latex body - the one and only Ophelia Overdose