The elegance of a woman in black latex catsuit and black PVC overknees.

Blonde wears glasses and black latex catsuit with black PVC overknee boots

The combination of the black latex catsuit and black PVC overknees creates a look that is both provocative and refreshing. She chose a black latex corset that successfully contours the waist and the sleekness of the material gives the look an added boost of sex appeal. Her glasses fit her look perfectly and her big circular earrings give her the right edge. 

Even though this hot blonde looks withdrawn from the outside world, she appears relaxed and confident sitting and with one outstretched leg, her hand caressing its firm PVC encasing. Her pose is striking and sends forth a mysterious sensuality.

Her image in this black latex catsuit and black PVC overknee boots encapsulates the beauty of a strong, independent woman, one who is unashamed of her desires.


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